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The History of Carter Fleming

Our history goes all the way back to 1982 when we opened our first office. From that single office, we eventually developed into a firm with a notable global presence in the field of leadership recruitment and corporate assessments. Our handful of employees later grew to advise, coach and recruit for companies across industries and especially across the emerging markets.

How the Early Years Got Us Started

Carter Fleming began on a dedication to find outstanding leaders for businesses primarily in the emerging markets. Our unique knowledge of companies and industry coupled with real-time market intelligence has allowed us to be usually first aware of market developments. The firm grew out of Europe and later into the America’s and Asia and shortly after, Middle East and Africa.

Our Vision for the Future

Today, we continue to bring outstanding results with our Executive Management Team, which is made up of members previously serving senior management positions in renowned firms from across the  globe. Our pride and vision for the future is to transform how businesses operate in regards to total talent management and how this integrates with technology. In turn, how global change and trends creates opportunities for our clients.


In our mission to find, advise and coach successful business leaders for the future, we follow a specific set of principles:

  • We don’t believe in strategy without the ‘right pair of hands’ being able to realise such ideas. 
  • We always seek an ethical edge in the market place to provide real insight that drives our clients’ performance to be a ‘market reformer’ as opposed to a ‘market follower’. 
  • We don’t believe in sacrificing quality for the sake of business and only take assignments that we believe we can add value to. 
  • We believe in remaining an autonomous business with no third-party shareholders that we have to answer to and maintain strict confidentiality. 
  • We have an obligation to serve society as a responsible corporate citizen and enable emerging countries to excel in talent they acquire.