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Carter Fleming offers services in executive search, board assessment and NextGen leadership scouting. 
Our services are considered a market leading standard across the emerging markets.

Our Process 


Talented and visionary leadership defines any successful business. We at Carter Fleming match you with these leaders by advising who to hire, train and promote within your company. Our insight provides you with the tools to make the best of your board of directors and team leaders. .

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Executive Search

It can be challenging to find people who fit your corporate goals and lead the charge. We at Carter Fleming recognise this and take care of the recruitment process for you.

Carter Fleming is the best when it comes to recruiting top talent. Our Cybernetics platform assures you that you are choosing a candidate with the right emotional intelligence, skills, qualifications and values for the job. We help your organization achieve your goals whether the mode is to defend, hold or attack.

Our process includes: 

  • Conducting validated searches based on a thorough understanding of your organisation 
  • A deep consideration of your corporate culture and how it fits potential candidates
  • Knowing the unique challenges and opportunities within your industry
  • Using our cybernetics platform to match you with the best individual(s) to lead your team

NextGen Leadership

Technology has become an unavoidable necessity in today’s business world. It has innovated the way businesses work and redefines corporate practices. This means the leaders of tomorrow need to have new skillsets to manage the merging of digital technologies with that of corporate culture.

You can rely on our team to bridge that gap. We advise companies on how technology and digital practices affect their overall performance and incorporate these necessary skillsets into the recruitment process. Our firm also collaborates with top-line executives and board members to devise NextGen digital strategies for your corporate and operational needs.  

Board services

It’s crucial to have a motivated and independent board of directors leading your company. It is even more important to have the right individuals running that board that complement one another with the full circle of skills necessary at board level. Our firm has more than three decades of experience advising, assessing and organising boards for public, private and non-profit organisations.

Our team of recruiters handles both single and multi-director searches. To ensure the best candidates for your corporation, we work with existing board members and executive officers throughout the hiring process, as well as up and coming talent or as part of diversity mix or localisation initiatives.