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It’s difficult to compete and remain relevant in the digital marketplace. Consumer and retail businesses are continually being pressured by e-commerce, globalization, and efficiency in supply chain management. Consumer practices are constantly shifting, requiring agile leadership to stay on top of the demands of the marketplace. 

Our clients work to manage all these tasks while merging it with their corporate strategy to meet measured margins and growth. We coach and recruit team members with experience in the digital marketplace along with the versatility to adapt to its evolving presence.


The future of the transportation and logistics industry is in streamlining supply chain management, managing new technologies, and meeting the demands of a global economy. This can be extremely difficult without the right distribution or logistics manager to lead the team. 

Our transport and logistics team is a resource in solving all these issues. We offer a full range of services and can even act as a partner in finding the right talent for fourth party logistics (4PL). With the right coaching and talent, we can assist in setting regulations to accommodate customized orders, implementing new retail channels, and employing industry-specific standards and logistical services.


Technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) have shaped the processes of nearly every industry. With converging technologies and an intense globalized economy, it’s wise for executive officers, managers, and board advisors to be exceptionally savvy in the use and practices of various technologies. 

We at Carter Fleming serve clients all over the globe. Our services can help emerging or transforming businesses find the savvy leadership they need to be successful in technology and media-based markets. The global perspective and services we provide set up corporations with sustainable, long-term strategies to gain them a competitive advantage.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and life sciences remains positive, but is facing some uncertain times with shifting legislation. The old business models are no longer be sufficient in remaining competitive among rising costs and demands, lack of proper equipment and facilities and changing market conditions. The current industry must be assessed and strategic plans must be implemented to meet these needs. 

Carter Fleming’s healthcare team consults and advises global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, their financial sponsors, and other leading healthcare services. Our insight into the healthcare ecosystem, innovative technologies, healthcare providers and healthcare consumers drive profits and corporate expansion.

Business Services

The world of business and professional services has become more complex in today’s economy. Because of organizational issues, they’re rebranding themselves and expanding their range of services to meet explicit client requirements. Clients are searching for cost-effective solutions to meet their unique corporate need for professional managements that fits their workplace culture. 

Our team of professional executive coaches and recruitment officers bridge the need for any business. We deliver solutions in accounting, auditing, outsourcing, consulting, IT and legal and operational advising.

Hospitality & REal Estate

Customer engagement and outreach are crucial in the hospitality and real estate industry. With legislation constantly shifting the rules of the market and fluctuating customer demand, it takes a specialized talent pool to ensure superior customer engagement. This means that team leaders need to be aware of the increasing costs, various sales strategies, and the current workforce’s abilities in order to turn a profit over the long-run.

Clients of ours are already seeing the effects of these issues and have developed strategies to overcome them. With our hospitality and real estate team, we can help companies address these challenges with seamless solutions and find the right talent to lead their organization.


Education and the public sector face several difficulties in budgets, a decline in research opportunities and results, and an increase in unprepared graduates moving into the workforce. This is problematic since the public sector sets the foundation for educating and training the next generation of workers. The global economy demands that reliable leaders are ready to manage, sustain and develop the economy for generations to come. 

Carter Fleming has extensive experience and wide perspective in public sector issues. Our team can help overcome all these challenges by generating and evaluating talent pools for key staff positions including general staff, teachers, principals and school board advisors. We also coach in best practices and partner with experts to guarantee success through the value chain.

Family groups

Family businesses are in a moment of great opportunity to invest in the global economy. The difficulty is in maintaining control of the company within the family and transitioning it to the next generation. This is surely a struggle for family businesses that have remained comfortable in their place within the market up to this point.

We at Carter Fleming can empathize with this struggle. Our executive management team helps family groups develop clear, long-term strategies that balance risk, compliance and corporate governance. We prepare them for the global market and help find experienced talent to assist them in their long-term success while balancing family and business matters.


Organizations and individuals are both searching for insurance packages that best meet their needs. The biggest issues facing the insurance industry is satisfying customer demand and retaining loyalty. But it’s difficult to balance low interest rates and competitive packages and still make premium income for your insurance agency. Regulation changes also impact financial investments and revenue streams. 

Our consultants can assist in attaining that higher ROI for insurance firms all over the globe. By investing in agile and innovative product packaging in connection with developing meaningful customer relationships, we help relieve most of the competitive pressures that put insurance and financial services at risk.

Industrial & construction

The bureaucratic nature of the industrial and construction industry offers its own challenges. Boards and managers alike need to stay up to date on various regulation and compliance measures, or they risk being shut down. This requires dedicated personnel to report corporate compliance to government agencies and to keep tabs of new regulations and procedures.

Our industrial and construction team works to mitigate risk, handle rising operational costs, recruit candidates for executive positions and data management, and bring a positive light to the manufacturing industry. With our services, we keep our clients competitive in the market in the long haul.

Natural Resources

With the ever-growing, global environmental movement encouraging conservation and wise-use practices, the natural resource industry has been facing greater opposition and regulations. Companies are stuck between political and economic pressures, which make for higher risk management and calls for innovative methods and technologies.

Regardless of the constraints, there is great demand and increasing revenue streams. Our natural resource team metes out the best talents in the industry and delivers chain value programs to encourage success and return on investments.